Juanita Leibu







3730 Roswell Rd


Marietta GA 30062

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                  In my twenty-five years in architecture, the main objective has always been to understand the client’s desires yet all the while attending to the time sensitivity and budget constraints of their project. The same applies to the relationship between home-buyers and sellers. When I introduce a prospective house to you, I keep into account the condition of the building, the suitability of the neighborhood to your needs, and other factors that truly emulate the details that have you fall in love with a property.

    I believe in Win-Win scenarios where all parties benefit from this monumental decision. Choosing a house that you imagine to one day be your home is a priority of mine, and I plan to do what it takes to translate those dreams into a reality for you.  In my effort to advocate for a great diversity of clients, I speak Spanish, Hebrew, and English fluently for those who require it.

Together, we’ll find the right home for YOU. 

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